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U2 Atomic: Edge Gear

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FENDER - Jaguar - 196x - blue finish


Make: Fender
Model: Jaguar
Vintage: 196x
Finish: Blue. It seems to be a bit metallic. Perhaps, it is Lake Placid blue? matching painted head stock. Gold bridge and hardware. Rosewood fingerboard.
Use: [Studio] Uncertain. [Live] Uncertain. [Video} promo video for "Electrical Storm".
Notes: This appears to be the same Jaguar that The Edge is seen playing/trying out in the "Made In Manhattan" documentary, all the way down to the gold hardware. In the documentary The Edge, Dallas Schoo and an interviewer go in to 2 NY City guitar shops. (One being Rudy's). The second one, Dallas and Edge see the Jaguar in the window and go in and play it. This appears to be that same guitar or one looking very much like it.
* The Edge has a similar Jaguar in white with matching painted head stock. Perhaps, it is the backup to this guitar? I am uncertain as to what tunes that the white Jaguar may have been used but it can be seen in a photo of bass guitars and guitars, at Hanover Quay, in Diane Scrimgwour's U2 Show (page # 296)

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