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U2 Atomic: Edge Gear

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FERNANDES - Native Pro (Customized) - 200x - metallic green

  • MAKE: Fernandes
  • MODEL: Native Pro (customized)
  • VINTAGE: 2000 or 2001
  • FINISH: Metallic Green w/white pearl pickguard.
  • DETAILS: This guitar was used for "With Or Without Your" during the 2001 Elevation tour. This guitar has been customized and is not the stock version of the Native Pro. The neck has been change to the Decade-style neck, with all tuning maching on top; like a Strat. The humbuckers were replaced with single coil-sized Hot Rail humbuckers. This required a new pickguard to be cut to accomodate teh smaller single coil size Hot Rails. The guitar has 3 pickups. The neck pickup being the Fernandes Sustainer pickup. This substituting for either the e-bow or infinite guitar system that were previously used for "With Or Without You".
  • USE: [LIVE]: This guitar was used for live performances of "With Or Without You", during the 2001 Elevation tour. [STUDIO]: I am not sure if this guitar has been used on any studio recordings.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Per my conversation with Fernandes Guitars in summer of 2002, this guitar was one of the many of U2's equipment items to be destroyed when a sea wall broke, and Hanover Quay studio flooded. U2 were in Los Angeles for thier Grammy performance/acceptance at the time of the flood.
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