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U2 Atomic: Edge Gear

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FERNANDES-Retro Rocket-200x-custom black finish

photo by: Flashey07

  • MAKE: Fernandes
  • MODEL: Retro Rocket (customized)
  • VINTAGE: 2002 to 2005
  • FINISH: (custom) black finish and black pearl pickguard.
  • DETAILS: This guitar was used for "With Or Without Your" during the 2005/2006 Vertogo World tour.The only customization of this guitar is the black finish, per the artist rep I spoke to in Spring 2005 regarding this guitar. While black is NOT a stock option, he assured me that Fernandes can make you one just like The Edge's should you custom order it in black. The guitar has 3 pickups. The neck pickup being the Fernandes Sustainer pickup. This substituting for either the e-bow or infinite guitar system that were previously used for "With Or Without You".
  • USE: [LIVE]: This guitar was used for live performances of "With Or Without You", during the 2005 Vertigo tour. [STUDIO]: I am not sure if this guitar has been used on any studio recordings.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Per my conversation with Fernandes Guitars in summer of 2002, the Native Pro was destroyed when a sea wall broke, and Hanover Quay studio flooded. U2 were in Los Angeles for thier Grammy performance/acceptance at the time of the flood. The rep told me then, that he had shipped a new sustainer guitar to The Edge the very same day that I spoke to him. And that he'd just gotten off the phone with Dallas Schoo before I called. That said, the Retro Rocket may be that replacement that was mentioned. Hence, it could be a 2002. If it is not the mentioned sustainer guitar mention during the call, it could be a 2004-2005 model.
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