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U2 Atomic: Edge Gear

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GIBSON-Les Paul Custom-1975-white / gold knobs

1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom // Auction information*


Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, serial number 203177, black leather guitar strap, rectangle mother-of-pearl inlays, 22 fret, single cut-away. The Edge's guitar work has been called ethereal and having a quality all its own. His established style of repetitive and echo-y riffs carry the heart of U2's music. His guitar playing has been noted for the use of delay (and double delay), shimmer effects, and drawing on styles from traditional Irish music. 1975 Cream Gibson Les Paul Custom, or so I'm told by Dallas Schoo who checked the serial number. I bought this guitar down on 49th street in New York city in 1982.. It was the third guitar I ever bought, after my Explorer and my black Strat. I wanted that Steve Jones "Never mind the bollox" sound, so I got the same guitar right down to the colour. I never could get that sound, but I found a bunch of songs in this instrument, and have used it extensively ever since, on tour and in the studio. There are many of photographs out there of me playing this Les Paul. One I happened to notice is in our recent book "U2 by U2" on page 224. I'm in the control room of the original windmill lane studio with Brian Eno, probably adding the final touch to a song from the "Achtung Baby" record, which we mixed there. I will miss this one, not for sentimental reasons but because it's my New Years Day guitar. Dallas is going to have to get me one that sounds as good, I'm sure I never will quite get the same sound, but maybe there might be a few songs in the replacement. Edge Dublin 2007 photo credit: Anton Corbijn.
Studio Use:
Tons! Exact uncertain.
Live Use:
Tons! "New Years Day"... * more information forthcoming*
Again - Tons! * more information forthcoming*

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