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U2 Atomic: Edge Gear

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DURHAM ELECTRONICS - Sex Drive - boost




Australian Guitar: Where did the Durham "Sex Drive" pedal come from?:
Dallas: I read an article about Charlie Sexton. I really admired his playing with Eric Clapton [he might have meant when Charlie played with Bob Dylan] but anyway, I read this article that he'd acheived some compression and distortion without total colouring and total loss of intergrity and that is right on line with Edge's slide solo, that type of sound. So I got one of those [Sex Drive pedals], and I have a lot of pedals that I demonstrate to Edge and you will never hear the request again for that pedal but, this one is straight out of the box. He was like, "Wow"!
Australian Guitar: It gives the old Deluxes a lot of sparkle, doesn't it?
Dallas: "Yes Sir, it does. I don't know if it will always be in Edge's arsenal but, it worked on this tour. He adds it a lot on solos. He did that the other night on "Bad". We have always used a Tubescreamer or the DM4 but, he added that. I thought, "Wow that's a difference". It's a controlable distortion and it works."
- Per Dallas Schoo in the April/May Australian Guitar magazine // page 28

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