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U2 Atomic: Edge Gear

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RICKENBACKER - 360/12 - 19xx - Jetglo finish

Photo forthcoming...

19xx - Rickenbacker - 360 - 12 string - jetglo finish: This can be seen in the Elevation live from Boston DVD. After tossing the `67 fireglo Ric to the floor one night in Boston, the jetglo 360 was the backup for a few nights until the flireglo was ready to be back in action. You can see in the DVD during "Gone" that the footage is from 2 of the 4 nights in Boston, some shots during "Gone" showing Edge with the fireglo finish 330 and some with the jetglo 360...  ending with The Edge tossing the 330 fireglo to the ground - in anger - and then coming back to kick it!
More information forthcoming...

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