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U2 Atomic: Edge Gear

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EPIPHONE - Casino - 1962 - tobacco sunburst

The Edge playing "All Because Of You" on his 1962 Epiphone Casino @ the 11-14-05 Miami show.

MAKE: Epiphone
MODEL: Casino
FINISH: tobacco sunburst
DETAILS: 2 P-90 pickups, white pick guard, rosewood (or ebony) fingerboard, block markers.
USE: (studio) uncertain. (live) The Edge used this guitar for live performances of "All Because Of You" during the 2005 "Vertigo tour". The Edge can also be seen playing this guitar on the "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" limited edition DVD during "Crumbs From Your Table", "All Because of You" and "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own".

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