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The Edge & Billie Joe Armstrong...
...recording The Saints Are Coming

Yet MORE new gear for The Edge. This reported per U2 Recording site member Jason:
"I just got back from my very first trip to the Chicago Music Exchange. It's a really great vintage guitar shop only a few miles from my place here in Chicago. Played a bunch of nice 70's strats, LP's and a
Gibson 330.

I got to talking with the owner near the stompbox display. I just happened to look in the case and saw a mint Kay Fuzz, which is what Edge used on the Elevation intro. Price? $650. Ouch.

Anyway that got us talking about U2. Turns out Dallas was JUST in the store on Monday. Bought a few interesting items.

Kay Tremelo
Evidently Dallas was so taken with this pedal he talked the shop owner into GIVING it to him!!! How can you say no when the guy is paying top-dollar for 4 vintage guitars for The Edge??

Rickenbacker - 6 string
Rickenbacker 4005 bass (perhaps this is for Adam?)
Rickenbacker - [unknown model]
Fender Telecaster - vintage - with Bigsby trem

Will be interesting to see how/if the Kay Trem is used.

Dallas told the shop owner that they have an arsenal of like 10 of those old Kay Fuzz pedals. Odd since it's only used on ONE song."

Where DOES he get all of those wonderful toys! Well, some of them, including his Explorer came from shops in NYC. When in town Edge can be seen on the prowl for yet ANOTHER fine specimen. Here is some footage of The Edge and Dallas guitar shopping. And in one shot he appears to be playing the Fender Jaguar later seen in the Electrical Storm video.

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